Legal Issues That Can Affect Your Case

Drug or alcohol addiction - SSA will NOT approve a case of mental illness unless it can be proven that the substance abuse is not the cause of your inability to work.

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - These conditions lack the usual medical or laboratory findings and the severity is based on the symptoms. The tender or trigger points in Fibromyalgia must be documented at each doctor visit.

The inability to read or speak English - In cases in which the person is limited to work which only requires sitting or lifting 20 pounds or less, SSA rules direct a finding of disabled because of the inability to read or speak English

Inability to afford treatment - If you have not been able to go to doctors because you do not have health insurance or other medical coverage that you can afford, SSA has to consider your inability to afford treatment if you do not have sufficient medical evidence

These are just some of the legal issues that can hurt or help your case. The SSA regulations are complex and I use my experience and knowledge of these rules to help you get your Social Security Disability or SSI benefits.