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With Offices In Winter Garden, We Serve Throughout Central Florida

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Cutting Through Red Tape. Obtaining Your Benefits.

The majority of Social Security Disability claims are denied. We’ll help you assemble the strongest possible filing.

A Denial Is Not The End Of Your Disability Benefits Case

If you have suffered a disabling injury or illness, you are likely overwhelmed with doctor’s appointments, medical bills and concerns about your finances. You do not need more frustration and worry, but that is what will happen if you apply for Social Security Disability (Social Security Disability) benefits without assistance from a lawyer. A large number of Social Security disability claims that are denied at the application level or at the Request for Reconsideration are ultimately won at hearings.

Compassionate With Clients, Aggressive With The SSA

At the Law Office of Carmen M. Love, I help people get the Social Security Disability benefits they need. With over 15 years of experience in these areas of law, and many other years of litigation experience, I understand the nuances of each application and appeals process. I can review your application and appeal the denial, representing you throughout the benefits process.

Throughout my career, I have obtained Social Security Disability benefits for thousands of people in Central Florida. This is how I work to win your case:

  1. I prepare a theory of disability for your case – I interview you to obtain a detailed description of your disabling conditions and symptoms. Your symptoms are what affect your ability to work. I also look at how the combination of symptoms affects your ability to do work. I will analyze and discuss with you any legal issues that may affect your case.
  2. I work with you to obtain the medical evidence to prove your disability case – Social Security requires evidence of test results and clinical findings. My experience led me to create special physician questionnaires that focus more on the information the Social Security Administration (SSA) needs to prove disability. Using these, I will gather the required medical evidence from your doctors. You can rely on me to represent you at every step, from initial consultation to reconsideration, the disability hearing and appeals.
  3. I present your case to the administrative law judge – If we go to hearing before an administrative law judge, I will prepare you for your testimony which will include your work background, current medical treatment, physical symptoms, pain and your limitations, your ability to sit, stand and walk, and your current daily activities. We will work together to determine how best to present your testimony.

One of the benefits of working directly with me is that you receive personal attention from an experienced attorney throughout your case. You will always talk to me, your attorney, when you call or come to the office. I will not pass your case off to a paralegal or secretary.

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