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Orlando Disability Benefits Lawyer

Were Your Social Security Disability Benefits Denied?

Have an experienced lawyer review your case and help you apply for disability or appeal your denial. The Social Security Administration (SSA) often wrongfully denies Social Security Disability (Social Security Disability) claims. I will review your application/claim at no charge and, if you choose, resubmit your application with the necessary medical evidence. I have the resources and technology to move your claim through the system efficiently.

Do not give up after a denial. Your future and your family’s future may depend on whether you receive benefits. I am Carmen M Love, an Orlando disability benefits attorney. I have 10 years of Social Security Disability experience, and I am prepared to help you through the complex application and appeals process for mental and physical impairments. Your consultation is free and you pay no fees unless I obtain benefits for you.

Benefits Are Available For Adults And Children

If your application is denied, you must appeal within 60 days. You should always appeal. The SSA denies more than 85 percent of initial applications and more than 90 percent of appeals at reconsideration. It is important to understand that this is not a reflection of your case’s merit or strength.

The SSA reviews claims not simply by diagnosis, but based on your condition’s effect on your ability to work in a substantial gainful activity. For example, it is easier for people over age 55 to receive benefits because it is harder to change jobs over age 55. I will ensure that the SSA follows its medical vocational guidelines when assessing your application, regardless of your age.

Social Security Disability benefits may also be granted for children. The SSA has separate guidelines for children based on how well the child can function compared to children of the same age. The child must have a physical or mental condition, or combination of conditions, resulting in marked and severe functional limitations that very seriously limit his or her activities.

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